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Zach Braff and Donald Faison have finally gotten to the 100th episode of Scrubs on their rewatch podcast, Fake Doctors, Real Friends and it’s the one episode they’ve talked the most about. From the Wizard of Oz homages that were so carefully laid out to the most expensive joke in Scrubs history, this half-hour holds a treasure trove of TV trivia. But they never limit themselves to Scrubs talk only: Donald has to congratulate Zach on his Emmy nomination for Ted Lasso, and Zach has to tell Donald that, now that New York has legalized marijuana, “I saw a woman in Union Square Park pulling a bong hit!” Plus, Jared calls in to ask how they manage to direct and act around CGI, and if they have any advice for a newlywed such as himself. “Enjoy that s**t, man!” Donald says bluntly. “You’re in the fun stage now!”

Zach says Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence loved to give him “episodes that were impossible to shoot in five days,” and this one is a great example; in fact, it was so stuffed with jokes and gags that the DVD box set of season five had to include a ten-minute extended cut with all the deleted scenes. Carla, looking for the courage to become a mother, worries that she can’t handle parenthood because after babysitting Dr. Cox’s kid for a while, she wanted “to smoosh his face.” Donald gets it; he tells Zach that recently, his seven-year-old blamed him for not rooting hard enough for the Phoenix Suns, causing them to lose. “Dude, I laughed so hard….Sometimes you want to smoosh your kid’s face,” he says. “But you don’t.” 

In between their favorite lines, coolest shots, most hilarious pratfalls, and important story points, Zach wonders if he should prepare a speech in case he wins his Emmy; complains about an ice cream truck sitting outside his window, playing the jingle incessantly (“Any longer and I’m cutting the wires”); and has an in-depth discussion about pop music with Donald. “I had no idea how quickly the downfall of Boyz II Men was after they started bringing out all the white boy bands!” Donald says it’s the same old story again and again, pointing out that most female pop singers are doing what Brandy did back in the day and that “y’all don’t know about New Edition! But I do!” Plus, they embarrass Donald’s wife CaCee Cobb with a personal question, but she does her best to answer it. Hear their whole hilarious conversation on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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