Chelsea Handler & Tanya Rad Talk Therapy, Comedy, & Sharing The Spotlight

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Becca Tilley is out sick for this episode of Scrubbing In, but that just means Tanya Rad has their guest all to herself, and she couldn’t be more excited because it’s Chelsea Handler. The accomplished comedian and author gave Tanya some of the best career advice she’s ever gotten, so she considers Chelsea a mentor (even though they’ve never met in person). She asks Chelsea about everything from vibrators for men to dealing with dating when you make more money to the importance of therapy, plus vision boards, Simone Biles, Chelsea’s best excuses for leaving a one-night stand, OnlyFans, sharing the spotlight, and so much more.

Chelsea happened to be a call-in guest on Tanya’s third day co-hosting On Air With Ryan Seacrest, and Tanya asked her for career advice – advice she has now repeated to “everyone I’ve ever met:” “There’s room for everyone. Don’t be competitive.” “I didn’t feel welcomed with open arms into the industry,” Tanya tells Chelsea, so these words were really powerful for her. Chelsea says she prefers bringing new people to the table. “I’m a party girl, I wanna have a party….and when you share the spotlight you can enjoy and see what that spotlight helps somebody accomplish.” Tanya remembers when Becca got a gig Tanya really wanted, but Tanya showed up with cupcakes to celebrate anyway. “We’re not meant to go through every door,” she says. “It’s always good advice to give people,” Chelsea agrees. “The more you accept your losses, the quicker you get to the wins. The more you struggle with your losses, the slower the wins will happen.” Tanya can only reply, “Do you understand how everything you are?” 

And of course they get into Chelsea’s new tour, Vaccinated and Horny; she says that she “loves stand-up again” in a way that she hasn’t in years. “I just felt like I didn’t had nothing to say, and now I have tons to say….it feels good to love something again.” Tanya loves lists and vision boards, so she wants to know how Chelsea manages to keep motivated in her career when she doesn’t set goals. Chelsea just says she doesn’t like “to get too comfortable, because that’s dangerous,” and that she also feels “a responsibility to make people laugh….People ask, ‘What’s my purpose in life, what am I supposed to do?” she continues. “And mine is to tell the truth. I tell the truth about myself and share it with everybody so they know they’re not alone.” Hear Tanya’s entire profound – and hilarious – conversation with Chelsea Handler on this episode of Scrubbing In.

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