Bethenny Frankel Learns How Grant Cardone Went From Busted To Billionaire

Bethenny Frankel Visits FOX Business Network

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On this episode of Just B, Bethenny Frankel sits down with Grant Cardone, “the most famous man you’ve never heard of,” to hear how he went from a drug addict to a billionaire real estate mogul and motivational speaker. He talks about his upbringing, his time in recovery, the biggest motivator he ever got, his relationship with his wife, his giant 30,000 attendee conferences, and his recent appearance on Discovery’s Undercover Billionaire. But first, Bethenny treats us to one of her fan-favorite rants, this time about “Karens.” She says if “Karen” were Jewish, she would be “Judy,” and then starts wondering what the male “Karen” would be called. “Bill? Joe? Joe is a man who ‘runs it up the flagpole,’” she says. “Is it Bob? Bob is the male Karen….I think he has a cozy for his beer, he loves an excuse to go on a Vegas sales management trip, he sings ‘Sweet Caroline’ at karaoke: That’s Bob.”

Grant is 63 years old (which stuns Bethenny, who jokes, “We can go into the placenta smoothies you eat everyday offline!”) with a million contacts and a portfolio of over $2 billion in assets, but his road to success was far from smooth. He tells Bethenny that his father was a very by-the-book, hard-working man who managed to get his family firmly planted in the middle class before he passed away when Grant was only 10. Though they weren’t impoverished, his death was a catastrophe for the family: His mother had never held down a job, and now she was in charge of five children with no income. He watched her sell their house and their cars to get them enough savings to get by while she figured out how to support everyone. Even at such a young age, it made Grant angry that he couldn’t help her. And he was mad that he didn’t have a man in his life. “I had three uncles, none of them stepped up for me,” he says. “It pissed me off.” 

The only person who did offer to mentor Grant was a drug dealer. By the time he was 15, Grant was selling drugs, taking drugs, getting into fights, and in and out of jail. When he got out of rehab, he decided to channel his energy into real estate. He already knew what it was to start with nothing. So when Undercover Billionaire called with a challenge – could Grant repeat his success if they dropped him in a strange city with no contacts, no credit, no name recognition? – he was ready to bet on himself. Literally: He brought a bag with a million dollars in cash in it and bet Discovery that not only could he build a million-dollar business, he could do it in less than 90 days. If not, they could keep the million – and he’d buy everyone in the crew a new car. Hear all about Grant and his billionaire mindset on this episode of Just B.

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