Strike A Pose: 8 Stylish Podcasts For the Fashion-Forward

Man dancing on red background

Man dancing on red background

These polished podcasts know a little something about serving looks: whether they’re from fashion designers, stylists, historians, or just enthusiasts, there’s a lot to say about what we wear. From history podcasts discussing ancient cosmetics, Baroque perfume, the first fashion designer, and why women started wearing pants, to shows interviewing celebrities about what they wore during a seminal moment in their careers, dishing on fashion and retail news, or serving up style tips and reviews (with a side of shade), these eight sleek and sexy podcasts will keep you feeling sharp and looking chic as you step out into the street. 

Lisa Rowan, a former vintage store owner, and Kaarin Vembar, a fashion stylist, host Pop Fashion, keeping you up to date with all the latest fashion and retail news, trends, and styles. Find out how Forever 21 went bankrupt, why Gucci is investing in call centers, even hear about an Ocean’s 11-worthy heist to steal a $40 million diamond. On this episode, they discuss everything from Zac Posen to Kanye West to why the "basic b**ch" ruled the 2010s, whether we liked it or not. 

Say yes to the Dressed: History of Fashion podcast! With episodes on Halloween costume traditions, denim, the history of the codpiece, the Japanese origins of flip-flops, and 17th century perfume-making, as well as fascinating interviews from fashion journalists and designers, you’ll learn more than you ever thought you could about what we wear – and why. On this episode, they explore the history of that sparkly holiday scourge: Glitter.

What I Wore When, a podcast from Glamour magazine, is a fascinating look at the clothes celebrities were wearing during pivotal moments in their lives, from the job that launched their career to what they wore when they accepted major awards. Digital director Perrie Samotin something sits down with Today Show anchor Sheinelle Jones, comedienne Amanda Seales, chef Alison Roman, and many more to discover not only what they wore, but why it mattered.

Even the best teacher in the world can’t cover all of history in a school year, as the hosts of Stuff You Missed In History Class know very well. So on this podcast, they dive into lesser-known stories from our past, including several fascinating episodes about fashion, from the popularity of the straw boater to the first fashion designer, Rose Bertin, to this one about cosmetics in Ancient Egypt. 

What’s fashion without a little shade? Fashion Hags Abby, Evan, and Katie, best friends since they met in fashion design school, fill us in on not only fashion sustainability and ethical brands, indigenous fashion, and the retail trend of experiential shopping, they also give gloriously honest reviews of fashion dos, don’ts, and baby-what-is-you-doings at the MET Gala, New York Fashion Week, and more.

Stuff Mom Never Told You is a wide-ranging podcast examining history, art, literature, politics, and more through a feminist lens, highlighting the oft-overlooked contributions of women. They have several episodes about fashion, of course, exploring what it means to wear a red dress, presenting a queer fashion panel, pondering why women’s clothes don’t often have pockets, or this one explaining why, when, and how women started wearing pants.

Are you a Dapper Dan kind of man? This is the podcast for you. The Buttoned Up Podcast covers men’s fashion, from bespoke Gucci watches to casual polo shirts, but also sits down with business leaders, fashion icons and designers, and professional models to talk fitness, DIY furniture, building a personal brand, tattoos, and much more.  

Hosts Stevie and Ana take a contemplative approach to fashion in Layers, using themes like “Handsome,” “Boyish,” and “Folk” to ruminate on regional wear (like British sailor pants), dressing to feel powerful, and dressing your age (whatever that means), as well as giving us tips on how to curate a wardrobe that works for you, packing for overseas trips, and how to accept what Rihanna has called “the pleasures of a fluctuating body.” Because nothing is sexier than liking the way you look – we guarantee it.

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